3 Simple Ways to Transform a Room on a Budget

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Interior designers know the quickest and most inexpensive way to dramatically change a room”s style is to attack those boring white walls. Sure, you could try painting the room a bold new shade, but the newest design techniques go a step further with drywall, faux painting, and nontraditional wall coverings.

1. Drywall Textures

Once purely functional, drywall techniques are now a designer”s trick. Using drywall techniques to add new architectural or design touches, or simply retexturing ceilings and walls, can update the overall appearance of a home with a relatively small investment.

Walls and ceilings can be finished in many different ways. Retexturing or smoothing walls can freshen and modernize older homes or even return the original character to period homes that may have been carelessly remodeled. read more….

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