5 Ways to Stay on Top of Marketing and Industry Trends in Westchester County

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For your small business to be cutting edge and beat the competition, you need to stay on top of marketing trends as well as trends related to your business or industry. Take a look
at the list below for five simple ways that you can use to become first to be “in the know” about new trends.

1. Read blogs.

Read blogs related to your business or industry as well as marketing-related blogs. If something is newsworthy, connected bloggers will write about it. In fact, bloggers often set the trends with their discussions. Invest time in finding and reading blogs (this article can help you find blogs), and then join the conversation by leaving comments on posts you enjoy. You’ll soon find yourself part of a diverse and engaging online community.

2. Read trade periodicals.

Subscribe to trade periodicals related to your business and related to marketing. While periodicals aren’t typically first to get the word out about a new trend, it is their job to report on those emerging and growing trends. Therefore, it’s important to take a look at them so you don’t miss anything.

3. Join online social networking sites.

Join online social networking sites and groups related to your industry and to marketing in general. For example, there are Facebook groups dedicated to a wide variety of industries and businesses as well as groups dedicated to marketing. Social networking provides a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people and stay on top of new trends.

4. Join associations.

Join both local and national organizations related to your industry and to marketing. Not only will the networking opportunities that associations present benefit you, but you’ll also get access to news, information, resources, and more – all of which can help you stay apprised of trends.

5. Attend events, conferences, and so on.

Attend events, conferences, trade shows, seminars, and more related to your industry and to marketing in order to network, learn from experts, share ideas, and stay ahead of your competition when it comes to identifying and acting on new and growing trends.

Bottom line

Staying on top of marketing and industry trends comes from two primary actions&education and communication. Take the time to read and educate yourself, and take the time to network with other people both within your industry and in marketing to learn even more. You’ll soon find yourself in the role of leader and influencer rather than follower.

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